Judie Rae
Judie Rae
Writer, Teacher, Editor

Judie Rae
author, teacher, editor

It was through a writing group that I first connected with an agent and through her, I published three teenage romances. Actually, the first was a spoof on the genre but apparently the editors were not aware of that. I then wrote a Nancy Drew Mystery, The Clue in the CameraIt was the experience of writing these young adult books that led me to pursue a master’s degree, for I realized how easy it would be to become a formula writer while I desperately wanted to write literary works. Two years later I received a Masters of Professional Writing. Soon I found myself teaching college English classes.

Three young adult novels

Like most writers who have been around awhile, I have several unpublished novels in my possession; perhaps they will one day see the light. One novel of mine finally did see the light - The Haunting of Walter Rabinowitz was published by Artemis Books in Fall of 2019. When I moved to Northern California I started writing non-fiction essays for magazines such as Sacramento Bee, Sierra Heritage, Tahoe Quarterly, Outside California. I also wrote a college thematic reader entitled Rites of Passage.

Then came my interest in poetry. My poems have seen the light in such literary magazines as Nimrod, Wisconsin Review, Canary Online Literary Magazine, Mudfish and many others. In 2014, Finishing Line Press published my chapbook, The Weight of Roses. As a result of its publication I have been fortunate to meet other poets at readings, and I am even more pleased to call them friends.

Currently I am retired from teaching; after 27 years of acting as tour guide for freshman, I felt it was time to focus full time on my writing.Aside from concentrating on my own projects, my goal is to help other writers achieve their goals; to this end I am teaching several writing-related courses for seniors through the Bernard Osher Foundation.In addition, I also serve on the literary committee for the Nevada County Arts Council; we seek to provide a venue where local writers and poets can have their works heard.

Perhaps I can help you achieve your goals; as a former college English instructor, my editing skills are top-notch. As a poet I am quick to note the images that serve you best. And as a writer, I offer supportive, non-threatening ideas that can move you forward in your writing career. Please don’t hesitate to contact me; I'd love to hear from you!