Judie Rae
Judie Rae
Writer, Teacher, Editor

About Judie Rae . . .

I have enjoyed a long and varied writing career. My first published essay appeared in an academic journal entitled Media and Methods, now defunct. For this effort I was paid $35. I was so excited about being published that I couldn’t wait for my copy and so visited the library stacks.

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Encounter at Daybreak

       We consider the other,

       your flanks bellowed

       with morning air,

       ready for flight.

       Your eyes wide,


       I dare imagine

       your warm breath

       on my hand.


       Your fine head turns.

       It is



       this reach.

       To be glad for

       only this:

       one doe,

       one woman,

       patient through thicket, ancient



       this visage,

       this holy presence.


In a dry time

lost to wind and sadness 

birds scour

the parched earth

while crickets rasp

their insect


© Judie Rae

Published Writing Online

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